Alessie & Co
We specialise in green speciality coffee from Brazil

About us

Alessie & Co BV was founded in 1916 by Dorus Alessie. In the 1960s, Alessie & Co BV developed into a large trader in Brazilian coffee. Alessie & Co BV and Douqué are both family companies and have always been friendly competitors. Douqué took over the company in 2006. This was a logical step, as both companies have always used the same trusted working method.

Alessie & Co BV is now part of The Douqué Group and specialises in green specialty coffee from Brazil. In the 1960s, Alessie & Co built up many good relationships in Brazil. All generations within the company have managed to maintain these relationships and therefore Alessie & Co BV is still the European specialist in fine Brazilian coffees.

Alessie sells the specialty coffee brand, Bandeirante, from the Bourbon region of Brazil.

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Alessie & Co is part of The Douqué Group